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Our team at Roof Inspect Pro is the inspection division. We are passionate about what we do, Roof Inspections and Roof Certifications. This is becauRoof Inspect Pro Logose we strive to fulfill our mission of protecting our customers through keeping the first line of defense strong: their roof. After we finish inspecting, repairing, or certifying a roof, our mission is one step closer to being complete.  We have 20 years construction experience in Washington State.

Les Watrous, founder and CEO, learned his work ethic and expertise from his multi-generational family values in construction and roofing. In 1993, he combined his application of genuine customer service, his spirit of entrepreneurship and his passion for

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roofing, in order to create what Roof Inspect Pro now stands for: a business that adds value to every customer through quality roofing and quality protection.

Our mission is to provide exceptional value in meeting the roofing needs of homeowners and the real estate community, with consistent and uniformly high standards of service and professionalism. A recent customer notes:

“I write this recommendation for Roof Inspect pro because I recently bought a total remodel project home that had a quite complicated gambrel roof that needed replacement. I had roof inspect pro look at it before I hired a contractor and wow am I glad I did. Steve from Roof Inspect pro was very knowledgeable and gave me several points about the roof that the contractor would need to address. When the contractor did the work, he actually missed several things that roof inspect pro was able to point out. Roof inspect Pro was so conscientious that Steve came back to make sure the final work was done right. Now I have a good roof that is done right because of Steve from Roof Inspect Pro.”  Bruce Jakola

Our vision is to be the preferred and most trusted world leader in roof assurance.

Roof Inspect Pro is one of the few locally cherished and nationally recognized roofing organizations, having inspected, repaired, or certified tens of thousands of roofs in over a dozen different states.

Roof Inspect Pro recruits and trains qualified individuals and contractors to follow the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association (NRCIA) inspection protocols to perform LeakFREE® Roof Inspections, create standardized web-based VisualRoof™ Inspection Reports, perform quality roof repairs, and issue LeakFREE® Roof Certifications. Our NRCIA certified roof inspectors and authorized contractors provide these services and products to all of the parties in the real estate transaction.

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The Watrous Group General Contracting Firm is a Home Energy Renovation Opportunity i.e. Hero Registered Contractor. The California Contractors License No. is 388630 B, C-39, C-9

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