The Cert-A-Roof Difference

Warranty, Processes and People

At Cert-A-Roof, we have numerous differences that significantly separate us from any other roof inspector or contractor. If you have any questions about these services and how they could benefit you, please call (509) 473-0924 or email to get your questions fully answered.

Cert-A-Roof Warranty

All your risk is significantly minimized through our certification that is widely accepted by banks, lenders, insurance brokers, real estate agents, etc.

Our certification is backed by the NRCIA (the prominent nationwide roofing association).

Our certification can be easily transferred to new homeowners for the remaining certification period.

Our certification is renewable.

Our certification is preferred by FHA, VA, commercial lenders and insurance companies.

Cert-A-Roof Processes

Because of our patent-pending roof inspection and certification process, we are one of only a handful of companies in the nation that are legally qualified to perform a roof inspection to issue a LeakFREE Roof Certification®.

We can bill through escrow.

We can work with your insurance company for all roof related storm damage.

We help negotiate for you through our detailed reports and certifications if selling or buying a home.

Our prompt clean up makes it look like we were not even there.

We anticipate your future needs, so you don’t need to worry about calling to schedule a free annual follow up. We do that for you.

Our standardized nationwide practices ensure consistently great quality and treatment.

We conduct primary and secondary market research so we can continually adapt to your needs.


We are timely. Inspectors and authorized contractors are punctual. Inspections usually take 1 hour. Detailed reports are delivered within 1 day. Repairs usually take 1 day. Roof replacements usually take less than 7 days. Same-day emergency repairs are also available.

Our brand image is truly who we are. Our reputation is to give above-and-beyond services for customers. See our client testimonials.

Our personnel is inspired, motivated and empowered. All of our inspectors and contractors are NRCIA certified and have specialized roofing training, extensive safety training, and solid core values to serve you best.

We have an advisor relationship with our customers. We know the who’s-who and what’s-what in roofing, home construction, insurance, and real estate. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise in these fields plus more. After all, we are here to serve you!

Our charismatic leadership continually improves our services and relationships with customers and venders.

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