Don’t Value a Property without a Certified Roof Inspection
A Complete Home Inspection Includes a Certified Roof Inspection

When you’re helping a home owner secure one of their largest investments of their lives, you want to make sure that everyone is protected.

The first part of any project is to assess the situation. When you`re helping someone insure their property, you would naturally then assess the property, appraise it, and then calculate the insurance rates. Right?

Could You Spot Commonly Overlooked Signs of Roof Damage?

As an insurer, we’re sure that you already insist that your clients have a home inspection done, it simply makes sure that you’re dealing with the most accurate current state of the home. This makes appraising all the more easy, and can help you set your insurance amount(s).

While most home inspection companies do complete a fairly thorough inspection of the home – looking for foundation, structural and/or window problems, we feel that they don’t quite complete a thorough review of the roof.

When you request a home inspection, we highly recommend also scheduling a Certified Roof Inspection as well. While most inspection companies do a great job discovering foundation, structural and window problems, many roof problems are invisible to the untrained eye and can mean thousands of dollars in unexpected repair costs.

Are you willing to stake your reputation as an insurer on your ability to spot those signs of damage?

Don’t worry, we don’t blame you. It takes training.

Our inspectors are certified by the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association or NRCIA, and we strictly adhere to the NRCIA proprietary, nationally standardized inspection procedures:

  • Visual inspection inside the home to identify leak damage,
  • a thorough review of attic space to uncover the sources of any leaks,
  • an external inspection of the eaves, roof overhang and other areas prone to damage,
  • and a thorough roof-top inspection of all critical areas.

You’ll receive a detailed written reports with color photos illustrating the key findings of our inspection. All of our reports are generated using a state-of-the-art software system specifically designed to ensure nationwide standardization and to help maintain our adherence to NHRIA review procedures – which our certification is dependent on.

The certification is widely recognized by FHA, VA, banks and insurance companies for it’s thoroughness, nationwide consistency, and reliability in evaluating a roof’s integrity.

Each of our Cert-a-Roof Inspection professionals must complete hours of continuing training and testing. Inspectors also remain highly involved in local NHRIA chapter meetings to remain up-to-date on new standards and codes as they are adopted.


Qualifying homes may be eligible for a warrantee against leaks – from normal wear and tear – for up to 5 years!


Cert-a-Roof – Today’s Inspection – Tomorrow’s Protection!

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